Best cosmetics and skincare to buy in Paris (2021 update)

Cult French beauty products and others tips to shop in Paris Pharmacies - drugstores


French skincare is rightly famed for its effective formulas, and French-made cosmetics are sold at reassuringly affordable prices in Paris. You can find pretty everywhere cosmetics there (Brand shops, shopping malls, beauty stores…). But for French people, the best place to buy them is Pharmacies, where you can get expertise and useful advice to find the most suitable skincare for you. In this article, we will introduce several trendy French skincare and food supplements that can be found in Paris Pharmacies: we have selected some of the best and most trendy products in 2021, and that complementary one with another (cleansing, serum, cream, sunscreen, lipstick, hair products, etc...). If you are interested to shop for cosmetics in France, have a look at our special offer here.


Famous and Niche French brands: introducing beauty products and cosmetics Parisians love the most

France is for sure the country where the cosmetic brands per inhabitants rate is the higher in the world. There are new brands created almost every day, it’s not easy to choose one when confronted with this overwhelming variety. We selected some products that you could pick up next time you’re in France.

Pharmacie moins cher Paris

There are already famous brands, or new trendy Parisian brands that are not yet famous abroad but very popular in France.


La Roche-Posay: Thermal Water

Eau Thermale La Roche-Posay

This soothing face mist for sensitive skin gently refreshes and tones the skin. Sourced in La Roche-Posay, France, this thermal spring water is naturally rich in minerals with scientifically demonstrated soothing and antioxidant properties. You can use thermal spring water mists as a skin refresher, they are great for soothing irritated skin and they can also be used to set your make-up (You can also spray a bit on a makeup sponge and pat it over your face to ensure even coverage).


Uriage: moisturizing lipstick

Uriage is a brand that is often recommended by French dermatologists: the brand uses Thermal Water (of the spa town of Uriage-les-Bains, near the Alps) which has been used for 200 years for dermatological treatments. Their products are very efficient on sensitive skins.

Stick Lèvres Uriage

This moisturizing lipstick nourishes and protects the lips thanks to the action of shea butter. Borage oil works to restore damaged and weakened lips.


Bioderma: Créaline H20

Bioderma crealine H20

 Bioderma is a cult brand loved around the world and specialized in non-comedogenic products. Any beauty routine starts with a first and essential step: taking off your makeup and cleaning your skin. The famous micellar water Créaline H20 (Sensibio H20) gently cleanses the skin from impurities, fine particles, and pollution Instantly soothes the skin, respects and preserves skin balance.


Filorga: Scrub and Detox

Filorga is one of the best-established beauty brands in France and the precursor in the field of Medi-cosmetics. Filorga Scrub and Detox Exfoliator is designed to reveal a brighter, smoother complexion in just five minutes.

Filorga Scrub and Detox

 It works with a double exfoliation (mechanical + enzymatic) to ensure that dead skin cells are sloughed away. The double-peeling complex combines volcanic microspheres to help dislodge stubborn dead skin, along with Detoxifying polyphenols and activated carbon to exfoliate deep into the pores. You can use it once or twice a week: assage into clean, damp skin using circular movements and then leave on for 2/3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.


 Uriage: Sérum Bariederm Cica-daily

Serums are a great tool for treating specific skin concerns. They penetrate deeper into the skin layers and deliver powerful ingredients directly to the skin. Bariederm Cica-daily high tolerance dermatological Serum strengthens, protects, and repairs damaged and fragilized skin. It also prevents signs of aging. 

Uriage Sérum Cica Daily

It is particularly recommended in case of dull complexion, discomfort, signs of fatigue, fine lines, small visible imperfections, or light redness. The serum contains of course Uriage thermal water, and Inulin, a prebiotic that offers a unique rebalancing action on the cutaneous and microbial barriers. It also contains Hyaluronic Acids (high and low molecular weight) and Vitamin B5, to moisturizes the skin deeply, promotes its regeneration and evens the complexion.


Melvita: Rose extraordinary water

The Rose Extraordinary Water is a plumping lotion that provides freshness and hydration. It optimally preps the skin for subsequent care.

Melvita Rose

You can apply 2 - 3 drops to the face and neck after cleansing, then gently massage into the skin. You can follow up with a serum or moisturizer.


 Uriage: Bariederm Cica-daily Gel-cream

Bariéderm Cica-daily gel-cream is a moisturizer (it can be used in complement to the serum that we introduced above). It soothes, protects, and regenerates weakened skins. It is suitable for any skin type, from normal to dry skin, as well as combination skin and irritated skin.

URIAGE Bariéderm

The prebiotics inside offers a unique rebalancing action on the cutaneous and microbial barriers. Enriched with repairing Centella Asiatica, Hyaluronic Acids and Vitamin B5, this gel-cream instantly moisturizes the skin, promotes skin regeneration, and boosts its radiance. The purifying Copper-Zinc helps the skin to regain optimal comfort.


Embryolisse: Lait-Crème concentré

This is a thick, hydrating cream packed with fatty acids and vitamins. Its skin-smoothing texture provides a good base for make-up, whilst its nourishing formula makes it a good healing cream too.

Embryolisse lait crème concentrated

The cream can be used morning and/or evening, with a small amount massaged into clean skin. It can also be used in a targeted way on dry areas and flaky patches in colder weather, thanks to its ultra-hydrating formula and barrier-like coverage.


La Roche-Posay: Cicaplast Balm B5

Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin, Cicaplast Baume B5 Balm has a rich, nourishing texture suitable for extreme dryness, dry patches, rough areas, redness, and post-procedure skin (skin that has undergone minor aesthetic treatments such as IPL, laser, peels, LED, needling and cosmetic injectables).

Cicaplast balm B5 la Roche-Posay

Cicaplast Baume B5 Balm nourishes and protects the skin: it can be applied throughout the day as needed, in a generous layer, and is suitable for use on the body, face, and lips. 


Filorga: Optim-eyes and Optim-eyes [Refresh]

Optim-eyes refresh Filorga

Optim-eyes is the best seller n°1 of the brand Filorga in France. This eye contour cream has multi-correcting effectiveness on dark circles, bags, and fine lines. It can be used twice a day (morning and evening). For better results and a stronger cooling effect, it is advised to keep it in the fridge. The brand also launched a complementary product, Optim-eyes Refresh. This travel-friendly eye care stick can be put easily in a handbag. It can be used any time, several times a day for immediate revitalizing action. It’s useful when you feel tired or cannot sleep enough, to reduce the signs of fatigue. 


Nuxe: Huile Prodigieuse

Huile Prodigieuse is a very famous Multi-Usage Dry Oil Spray. This luxurious oil nourishes, repairs, and softens both your skin and hair.

Nuxe huile prodigieuse where to buy cheap discount

The Nuxe Oil is a great alternative to use as a moisturizer. Not only does it hydrate your skin but it is packed with tons of rich nutrients to help revitalize your complexion. But you can use it in many ways: as hair oil, body lotion, massage oil, shaving oil...


La Roche-Posay: Anthelios XL SPF 50+

la roche-posay anthelios

Any beauty routine should end with sun protection (even in winter and through windows, the UVA affects your skin). La Roche-Posay matting sunscreen will protect even the most sensitive and sun allergic skins. It is an anti-shine, non-oily, and non-sticky gel-cream that leaves no white marks.


Buly: Hand Cream

Originally founded in 1803, Officine Buly was known in the olden days as a perfume and scented-vinegar brand. The old beauty brand received a slight revamp a few years ago but keeps having fashionable designs inspired by traditional ones.

French Hand cream Buly

Their "pommade concrète" is a luxury nourishing hand cream ideal for those who would like to get rid of irritations and dry hands, and have supple skin all day long.


Klorane: dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is pretty wonderful and convenient: it is used to eliminate and absorb sebum, the scalp's natural oil that makes hair look greasy. Klorane dry shampoos restore freshness and lightness to hair in between shampoos, thanks to a unique combination of oat milk with soothing and protecting properties, and micronized powders enriched with highly absorbent power. It restores volume and texture to your hair in just 2 minutes.

Klorane Dry shampoo

How to use dry shampoos? it's not hard: spray evenly 30 cm away from hair, focusing at the roots and upside down to add extra-volume. Let it sit for 2 minutes to let the active ingredient of the plant absorb the oil excess. Remove powder by brushing, by hand, or with a blow-dryer for a light and airy effect.


Oral care: our favorite brands

Botot Marvis Lebon

Usually, French people buy their toothpaste in supermarkets. But when they are searching for more quality and health-oriented brands, they usually get them from drugstores. The French brand Lebon has created original luxury toothpaste that makes you look forward to tooth brushing time. Moreover, they avoid a lot of chemical products that can be harmful to health but are still used in many other toothpaste brands. Founded in 1958 in Italy, Marvis is another trendy brand with unique flavors such as jasmin, ginger, and licorice. Last but not least, we must also mention the oldest oral care French brand, Botot: the mouthwash elixir was created in Paris by the doctor Julien Botot for French King Louis XV in 1755. The brand still exists nowadays and keeps making mouthwashes that freshen breath permanently and help maintain perfect oral hygiene.


Health products and Food supplements: some useful products that can be found in French Pharmacies

ou acheter compléments alimentaires paris

France is not only the country of cosmetics, it is also the country of supplements and other health products. There are many brands making Made in Francehealth products with natural vitamins, minerals, and plants. It is strongly recommended to seek the advice of a health professional before taking Food supplements: by buying them in a Drugstore instead of online, you can get useful advice from pharmacists. Here are some quality health products that could be useful for you or your relatives.


NHCO: Orthosamine, Artixine and Effluvium

The first ones are made by a very innovative French Brand, NHCO. The Brand is specialized in the research on Amino Acids, which are essential to the proper functioning of our organs. Their bestseller Orthosamine can be useful for everyone, as it contains the perfect intake of all the vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids which are vital for well-being and maintenance of good health. One pillbox corresponds to a 6 weeks program, that can be renewed 2 or Three times a year according to need.


The brand also develops specific supplements adapted to different needs. The product Artixine is recommended for joint comfort. With age, joint flexibility decreases which bring discomfort and pain. Artixine helps to relieve sensitive joints and maintaining bones and connective tissues. One pillbox contains a 3 weeks program but it can be continued as needed. 

Their Hair vitality supplements, “Effluvium”, is well known with 20 active ingredients. There are many topical treatments for hair loss but it is often caused by disrupted nutrient input, so supplements can be very efficient. Effluvium stimulates the capillary bulb promoting hair growth, thickness, and strength of hair. One pillbox contains a 10 weeks program


Puressentiel: Cleansing Air Spray, rest and relax air spray, Muscles & Joints Roller

Puressentiel, a family and independent laboratory, is the leading French brand in the field of aromatherapy. They were the first to democratize aromatherapy with "ready-to-use" products.

Puressentiel products

One of their most iconic product is the Puressentiel Cleansing Spray, which combines 41 essential oils among the most active to destroy germs, mites, microscopic fungi, parasites, viruses, bad smells. This 100% plant-based spray is a good way to enjoy fresh air without synthetic chemicals. You can use it daily; 2 sprays at once are enough for a room measuring approximately 12 m²: wait 30 minutes for it to act, then air the room.

Puressentiel nuit mieux dormir

The Rest and Relax Air Spray is a 100% natural solution (it contains 12 essential oils) to provide relaxation and rest: it helps prepare to sleep and have a serene and restful night. You can spray it in the 4 corners of the bedroom, and on a handkerchief placed on a bedside table.

Last but not least, the Puressentiel Duo Muscles & Joints Roller is recommended for people practicing sports and for those suffering from acute or chronic muscle and joint pain. The combination of the massage rollerball and the 14 essential oils with relaxing scents is a natural way to relieving muscle and joint pain, and to relax muscle contractions.


Weleda: Massage oil

When you give yourself an at-home massage, massage oil allows your hands to glide over skin without friction. There are plenty of oils and lotions to choose from. Weleda Slimming Massage Oil is indicated to promote the reduction of the effects of cellulite, refines the silhouette, and tones the body.

Weleda huile de massage Discount

Apply the oil after bathing or showering on still slightly damp skin. Penetrate by massaging in circular movements while going up from the bottom to the top for the thighs (direction of the return circulation) before moving on to the buttocks and stomach.


Parapharmacie Monge, the best place to find the finest Beauty Products in Paris at discounted prices

You might ask why it would be better to shop in a Parapharmacie than in a random Beauty Shop? Well, for Perfume or Makeup it would not matter much, but as far as skincare and cosmeceuticals are concerned, it is always better to have useful advice from professionals. The pharmacists are trained to identify your needs and to suggest the best products according to your skin types, skin disorders…


There are few parapharmacie in Paris that offers such a large range of brands and products as Parapharmacie Monge. You will of course find all the best-sellers of the worldwide famous brands. But Monge also selects and introduces many niche Parisian cosmetic brands that you can hardly find elsewhere. It’s the perfect place to discover innovative and unique brands. Moreover, the parapharmacie Monge is very “tourist-friendly” with multilingual staff and the highest tax refund rate in Paris (15% instead of the usual 12%).

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Moreover, you can get an additional discount thanks to O’bon Paris couponclick here to check our special offer.

Parapharmacies Monge are also located in central and tourist areas. The first one is located at 78 rue Monge. It is quite easy to access by Metro through line 7. You can get out at Place Monge station, metro gate 1. And if you plan to visit Montmartre, you can shop at Parapharmacie Monge Sacré-Coeur easily, as it is located right in front of the Metro Anvers (line 2 Gate 1). If you have a chance to visit French Riviera, there is also one Parapharmacie in the beautiful city of Cannes: Parapharmacie Cannes Riviera (36 rue d’Antibes).


Authors and photos: O'bon Paris team


Parapharmacie Monge Notre Dame

Address : 78 rue Monge, 75005 Paris

Opening Hours: Every day 8:00-21:00


Parapharmacie Monge Sacré-Coeur

Address : 68 Boulevard Rochechouart 75018 Paris

Opening hours : Mon-Sat 8:00-21:00


Parapharmacie Monge Cannes Riviera

Address: 36 rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes

Opening hours: Mon-Sat 8:30-20:00