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Malta best boutique hotel in Valletta, Palazzo Consiglia

A home away from home in Palazzo Consiglia Boutique Hotel

The traditional Maltese townhouse more than 400 years old has been converted into a modern boutique hotel, situated on St. Ursula Street, in the capital city, Valletta. Palazzo Consiglia is located in an ideal location surrounded by many attractions such as St. Rocco's Church, Lower Barrakka Gardens, Valletta Waterfront, and Fort Saint Elmo. At the moment you step inside the hotel, you feel the warm welcome not only from a very pleasant receptionist, but also the building itself. From the very first glance, the building seems modern yet classic and timeless, and once you learn about the real age of the building, it will fascinate you even more.


Where to stay in Valletta? Palazzo Consiglia

Beside the reception stands the area of an internal courtyard with high ceiling opening to the brilliant blue sky and warm sunlight during summer days. From the internal courtyard, there is the stairway that leads you to the upper floor, the dining room where you can have breakfast, the stairway to the basement where the spa is situated, and the glass elevator which will take you to your room or to the mini pool on the rooftop. Here at Palazzo Consiglia, it consists of 13 rooms, with each one given a unique name and its own distinctive style.


Deluxe room review at Palazzo Consiglia, boutique hotel for family


Maltija is one of the hotel's deluxe rooms providing the authentic atmosphere of staying in a traditional Maltese townhouse. The room has been decorated simply yet elegantly with local furniture which combines perfectly with its modern facilities. The room is spacious and comfortable and it can take up to 3 guests at the same time. Furthermore, the room is interconnecting with the neighbouring room, Nautica, making this room the perfect choice for a big family. 


Maltese balcony, unique feature at Palazzo Consiglia

What is unique about Maltija is not only the interconnecting room with Nautica, but also the Gallerija Maltija. Gallerija Maltija, or Maltese balcony, is a wooden gallery with several windows open to a cool breeze and warm sunlight in the summer. This feature is unique to this room and being a reason behind the name "Maltija". Besides, this balcony also being the part of the facade of Palazzo Consiglia. The balcony overlooking the St. Ursula Street, offering you a calm and peaceful view in the morning with a hot cup of coffee in your hand.


Deluxe room review, Palazzo Consiglia, unique decoration


The characteristic of this room, Ecologica, is completely different from Maltija. Ecologica, is a superior room which embraces the sense of nature with the use of natural materials such as wood and stone making this room filled with an absolute enchanted atmosphere. The wooden closet and chair, green headboard along with the splendid wallpaper with the evergreen palm trees and fern fronds goes along very well with the colourful tropical birds and flowers. This entire combination makes it a perfect match with the Mouflon printed cushion. These animal prints and natural-material furniture bring this room the completion of the ecological theme that the hotel intends to convey.


Palazzo Consiglia, superior room, best hotel in Malta


Another superior room is Amante, with its warm hues and tones and minimal decorations. The warm ambience of Amante will certainly help you unwind after a whole day of travelling, and to relax peacefully in a private luxurious bathtub. Every room at Palazzo Consiglia comes with complimentary toiletries and daily linen change. Every single bed has the USB charging ports on both sides of the bed, so that everyone can conveniently charge their electronics without fighting over wall ports! 


Spa at Palazzo Consiglia, unique experience in Malta


The stairway from the internal courtyard takes you to the basement where you will find "The Well Spa", the top quality wellness area offering you a service of spa treatments, heated indoor jacuzzi pool, and steam room. Select one of the varieties of an relaxing spa experience to comfort and soothe your body, mind, and soul; and make a reservation at the reception. Wait until it's your turn and dive into an hour of joy and relief.


Pool on rooftop, The Three Cities view, Palazzo Consiglia

On the rooftop of the hotel sits is a mini pool with an overlooking view of the Three Cities of Malta and a sun deck where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors. This simple recreational area will carry you into another world of calmness and peacefulness. Bring your favourite book and get comfortable inside the reading corner, making sure this will be one of your best holidays ever.


Breakfast in boutique hotel, Palazzo Consiglia, Valletta, Malta

After a cosy night, wake up to an amazing breakfast on the ground floor. There are choices of bread, ham, bacon, sausage, egg, salad, fruits, beans, cereal, juice, to name a few. You can either choose to have your breakfast inside the dining room or outside in the courtyard to absorb the first rays of sunshine. Kindly inform the waitress which drink you would like to have alongside the breakfast.


Great service, best hotel in Malta, Palazzo Consiglia

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Behind the reception, you will find the dining room with a corridor that leads you to the living room called "The Library". Obviously, the name comes along with the wallpaper full of shelves and books on it. Take your time to relax with your favourite book in the middle of an elegant atmosphere. Each room at Palazzo Consiglia is equipped with the latest technology with a full HD 40-inch television, stocked minibar, concierge tablet, Bluetooth speaker which connect to the room's sound system, and many more additions that will facilitate your stay to the ultimate comfort. 

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Words and Photographs by Aphinya Kasemsukphaisan


Address: 102 St. Ursula Street, VLT1234, Valletta, Malta

Transportation: Bus line 133 Kavallieri Station

Website: Click here