7 things to do this autumn in Paris

Paris in the fall - what to do

Autumn is always a beautiful season, Paris in the fall is even more special...
In a blink of an eye, summer has gone and the season of yellow, orange leaves all over the street, many hot chocolate cups, festivals, exhibitions... is coming!
This season is probably the most romantic season in Paris that's why many people, especially couples, choose this time to visit and slow down to enjoy the city.
Here are 7 things to do this season in Paris that O'bon Paris' team especially loves. We hope you enjoy it and find this list useful.



Walking in the rain

Walking in the rain in Paris- what to do

Paris under the rain is a very different Paris you don't want to miss!
In fact, it usually rains in the capital, visiting Paris in the fall, you can see the rain for the whole week... The gray sky is very familiar to Parisians!
If you prepared an umbrella, you are completely lucky and can take your time to enjoy the rain in the most romantic way. If not the case, you can still stroll the streets of Montmartre, enjoy the rare quiet streets of the Marais or Île de la Cité, take a walk under the trees on the banks of the Saint Canal-Martin... And to dry off a bit, it's not complicated: we still have 6 other ideas for you!



"Hiding" in cozy places

Cafe in Paris:CAFE LOUSTIC

The temperature in autumn is not too cold, sunny, but it is quite windy and rainy, especially in September. The average temperature is about 7 - 15 ° C.
This is the time when the hot chocolate, hot wine start to come back. If you want to keep your body warm, avoid sudden rain, or simply find a cozy space, autumn is the right season to enjoy the warmth indoors.
Cozy is probably the most popular keyword in autumn and winter, from restaurants, hotels to cafes. In Paris, you can find everything you need. O'bon Paris' team has many suggestions for cozy hotels, restaurants, and coffee, you can click here to learn more.



Taking a stroll through the city

Paris - Seine river in the fall

Paris in autumn is beautiful because Paris is adorned with many colors orange, red, yellow, walking at this time of year is a must-do.
Fabulous foliage can be found all over the city, but you need to go to the area along the river bank and especially the major parks for the best Parisian autumn colors. You can click here to save our TOP 5 hidden parks for the autumn vibe in Paris.



Visiting Parisian museums, festivals, exhibitions

Paris in the automne-wine

Autumn is also an ideal time to visit museums and exhibitions. If you're lucky, you can get in for free on the first Sunday of the month, on the Nuit Blanche or White Night - an annual all-night arts festival (on the first Saturday of October), or European Heritage Days. Another festival in October you don't want to miss is held for the harvest season of grapes to make wine. The parade is the main part of the festival in which people from other regions of France, and from other countries of Europe join together.
These places will be less crowded in autumn than summer, you can enjoy a more relaxing visit, with locals. In addition, there are many festivals held in the autumn, you can click here to see a list of festivals during this time.



Going shopping in the best places

shopping in Paris

Paris is the capital of fashion and is always the perfect place to go shopping. Many shopping centers, boutiques, outlet malls, and vintage stores can pleasure any shopping addicts.

It difficult to choose a suitable shopping location, you can find here our articles sorted by topic that may help you to plan more easily.



Enjoying a relaxing ride along the Seine

Seine river cruise- what to do in Paris

As mentioned above, the riverbank is one of the must-see places for your best experiences in the fall of Paris. If you don't have enough time to walk along the riverbank and still don't want to miss the golden autumn scenic and discover the magnificent monuments at the river, booking a cruise on the River Seine is always a good idea.

There are a variety of cruises in Paris, but Vedettes de Paris is different because of its size and appearance. It resembles more a real boat and is less flashy than other boats, which provides a more authentic experience. With the O'Bon Paris' discount coupon, you can get a 20% discount!



Exploring beautiful covered passages


The covered passages are part of the characteristic architecture of Paris.

These galleries were built in the 19th century and are still good places to wait for the downpour to end. The oldest is the Passage des Panoramas, located at Montmartre Boulevard 11 (Métro Bourse, line 3 or Grands Boulevards, lines 8 and 9). If you like art, handicrafts, small vendors and antique dealers, you will surely find a souvenir that you can take back to Paris. When you are looking for souvenirs in the souvenir shops in Paris, Passage Jourffroy is a good choice. Our favorite souvenir shop is "Paris est toujours Paris" and you will not be disappointed by the quality.

You could use the O'Bon Paris' coupon at Paris est toujours Paris to enjoy a 10% of discount (click here to download it).



Authur and photos - Phan Thanh Thuy