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You must have read about models, celebrities, beauty bloggers, and magazines talking about chic Parisian look and French beauty. Even though we can argue that the elegant Beauty of French women is partly natural, beauty products do participate in it, and visiting France can be a good occasion to know more about it! So where can you find the best cosmetic stores in Paris? And which are the best beauty products you should buy if you visit France? We hope that this guide article will help you answer these questions!


Where to shop for Cosmetics in France?

Paris has long been the world’s capital of cosmetics, as a consequence, there are plenty of choices to buy beauty and skincare products in the City of Lights. French franchised beauty shops such as Sephora or Nocibé are well known worldwide and can be found in most of the French cities. In Paris, the “Grand Magasins”, Century olds department stores such as Galeries Lafayette have also giant beauty sections. However, from our point of view, the best cosmetic stores in Paris are the local Pharmacies. Indeed, most of them have parapharmacies sections, that are dedicated to cosmetics, skincare, and beauty. But why to buy beauty products in Pharmacies instead of regular beauty shops? If you have sensitive skin you must buy only your cosmetics in Pharmacies, as there will be able to provide you non-comedogenic products that will not hurt your skin. But even if you don’t have any skin problem, it is always better to receive advice from professionals: Pharmacists in France are trained to give you their advice on the best treatments for you. They can suggest the best products according to your skin type and characteristics.


Monge beauty shop is one of the best French parapharmacie in Paris. Monge parapharmacy is located at the heart of Quartier Latin (78 rue Monge). It is quite famous among locals and tourists because it has such a huge selection, and prices are significantly lower than other locations in Paris (plus the tax refund rate is higher there than other places in Paris). Besides, the staff is friendly and most of them can speak several foreign languages. You can use the O'bon Paris coupon there to enjoy a 10% discount:  Click here to see the offer and download the coupon.


Suggestions of beauty products to add on your shopping list for your next visit to Paris

  If you're traveling to the Europe beauty mecca anytime soon, here is a list of French beauty products you need to check out. Clear out some space on your vanity because these are some of the current best skincare and cosmetics, so grab them while you're in Paris!


 Thermal Water Spray and Lipstick, Uriage


We begin with two must-have Beauty essentials from the famous French brand Uriage. The Thermal Water Spray is a beauty essential that can have so many uses: you can use it as a makeup setter, to calm sunburn or facial redness, to cool down and hydrate your skin while traveling, to wake you up… Uriage thermal spring water contains trace elements and mineral salts that moisturize, soothe, and protect the skin.

How to use it? Spray a fine mist on your skin, wait for a few minutes then gently pat dry. You can keep with you all day long a 50ml spray and put at home a 300ml spray.


Uriage lipstick brings intense nutrition for dried out lips, protecting them against external aggressions. It also restores damaged and weakened lips. It is mainly composed of shea butter, borage oil, and vitamins.

How to use it? you can apply it as often as needed on your lips!


Eau de Beauté, Caudalie


The iconic Beauty Elixir was inspired by a historical recipe for the “elixir of youth” used by Queen Isabelle of Hungary in the 16th century, and reinterpreted by Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas. It can be used in many ways: as a toner, a makeup setting spray to prolongs wear time, or a moisturizer throughout the day. It soothes the skin and boosts radiance. Last but not least: the mist has a divine fragrance,  thanks to a formula that blends mint, orange blossom, rosemary, myrrh…

How to use it? Hold the bottle around 30 centimeters from your face, eyes closed, and mist all over.


Elixir des Vagues and Elixir du Rivage, Algologie


Elixir des Vagues is a Booster, that enhances the benefits of your Serum and your moisturizer. Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, it can be used as a Serum as well. It boosts skin hydration by its highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid, which makes the skin more supple and comfortable, visibly plumped.


Elixir du Rivage Lifting and Tightening Booster is more anti-aging oriented.  It gently helps the skin tone to recover its radiance. Wrinkles and fine lines are significantly reduced and sagging parts of the face are lifted.

How to use them? Apply morning and evening few drops on your face with your fingertips. When fully absorbed (wait around 2 minutes) you can apply your serum or your moisturizer.


Universal Serum, Synbionyme

This Serum contains probiotics as well as high molecular weight hyaluronic acid to hydrates the skins. Probiotics help the skin to remain balanced and strengthen the skin’s natural defenses. The Serum universel suits all kinds of skin types, even the most sensitive ones (probiotics skincare are especially beneficial to skin types with chronic inflammation, like acne or rosacea).


How to use it? Gently apply a small amount of serum to your face and neck with your fingertips or palms after cleansing your face and putting your toner. Face serums always have high concentrations of ingredients, do not apply too much (2 pumps is enough for the whole face).


My Payot Jour Gelée and Crème n°2 Nuage


My Payot Jour Gelée is a gel moisturizer that revives radiance and delivers an instant healthy glow effect, thanks to a genuine antioxidant energy concentrate. It has a fruity orange smell and a lightweight texture which makes it very pleasant to use and leaves skin with an instant feeling of freshness. It suits normal to combination skins.

How to use it? Apply on freshly cleansed skin, after your serum. You can combine it with the Serum My Payot Concentré Eclat: its highly concentrated and vitamin-enriched formula fights dull complexion, revives skin radiance, and protects it against external aggression.


Crème n°2 Nuage is also a facial moisturizer, but with anti-redness and anti-stress soothing care. The cream nourishes and hydrates the skin, soothes redness. It helps to restore the skin’s balance and protects it against harmful external aggressions by creating a protective layer over the skin. « Nuage » means cloud in French, which clearly illustrates the lightweight airy texture of the cream.

How to use it? Apply on freshly cleansed skin, after your serum. It can also be used as a night cream. 


Bioderma Atoderm

Bioderma Atoderm

This Ultra-Soothing Gel-Cream is a nourishing skincare product recommended for very dry skins or irritated skins (with atopic tendency). It has an ultra-soothing, ultra-nourishing, anti-itch, and repairing action on the skin. It has an ultra-fresh and ultra-light texture which facilitates the daily application and absorption by the skin.

How to use it? Apply once or twice a day to cleansed skin, it can be used in combination with dermocorticoids (during the inflammatory period).


Epithelial A.H ultra, Aderma


This ultra-restoring and anti-mark cream are perfect to reduce skin marks such as epidermal alterations (wounds, tattoos …) or superficial dermatological operations (such as plastic surgery operations, for instance). Its formula is rich in Cicahyalumide, which helps to reduce marks, and natural extract of Peru creeper which soothes immediately, preventing scratching wounds, that can cause marks.

How to use it? Apply 1 or 2 times a day to localized or widespread areas, according to your needs. It is also available in a travel size 40 ml tube that you can bring along in your handbag, to put it whenever you need it.


Dexyane Med, Ducray


This Soothing Repair Cream targets eczema lesions and limits their recurrence. By using a natural formulation with effective active ingredients, this cream is the perfect anti-itch and anti-irritation treatment for your atopic skin, prone to eczema and skin irritation. It works by restoring the altered skin barrier while hydrating your skin and compromising the ability of bacteria to adhere.

How to use it? Apply the cream directly to inflammatory eczema, once or twice a day.


Huile Tonic, Clarins

This tonic treatment oil for the body improves skin elasticity and firmness and leaves skin supple. It is 100% made of plant extracts (essential oils of geranium, mint, and rosemary, as well as ad hazelnut oil), and has a pleasant fragrance.


How to use it? You can apply it daily on dry skin after a shower, and just a small amount can be used for the whole body. It can also be used as a massage oil, and you can rinse your body with water after applying it during a massage.


Body Partner, Clarins


This cream is very efficient for improving skin elasticity and helps to reduce the look of stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear in many situations when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly (for example during pregnancy, rapid weight loss or gain, growth spurts during puberty…), and they are permanent. But treatment can help to make them less noticeable especially when they are done on early stretch marks. Clarins Body Partner has a plant-powered formula tested and recommended by pregnant women, it can be used during pregnancy to fight the starting of stretch marks.

How to use it? There is a specific way of application, by massaging gently your skin to make it more effective. The detailed application method is explained in an insert note enclosed in the product package. For better results, it is advised to apply it daily (morning and/or evening).


Forticea energizing Shampoo, René Furterer

This energizing shampoo cleanses and fortifies your hair by delivering essential nutrients that promote hair strength and stimulate micro-circulation. It has a gel texture and a pleasant fragrance.


How to use it? In your hand gently mix the shampoo to break the microbeads that contain essential oils. Apply to wet scalp, gently massage in circular motions from the neck to the top of the head, and leave on for about 3 minutes before rinsing.


Health and Dietary supplements

If you shop in French Pharmacies, you will also find quality food supplements. More and more supplements can be found online, but it is much safe to have professional advice about it. French pharmacists like to interact with the customer and will be happy to answer your questions to make sure they are giving you the very precise treatment needed for your specific problem. Here are some food supplements they advise us for a specific issue: joints pain, vitality, eye health, and vision.




This food supplement from the French Laboratory SynActifs helps to quickly relieve joints pain and increases joints flexibility and mobility in the long run. It is a perfect gift for people who suffer from arthritis. It contains turmeric (to curbs inflammation) and traces elements such as Zinc, Copper, and Manganese (to help rebuild cartilage, Improve Joint Healing and Joint Strength), and Essential oils.

How to use it? You can take two to four capsules per day ( for example 2 pills before breakfast and 2 pills before dinner during the 2 first weeks, and then just 1 pill per for the last 2 weeks). Each box contains 60 capsules.


Visiocare and Retinium


Visiocare, from NHCO Nutrition, is an innovative micronutrition solution to maintain normal vision and eye comfort and to fight the effects of blue light exposure.  It relieves suffering from tiredness and dryness, reduces ocular stress, and protects eyes’ cells.

How to use it? Take 1 green capsule in the morning and 1 brown capsule in the evening, with a big glass of water. One box contains a 3 weeks program.  


Retinium targets the natural loose of visual abilities caused by age. It helps to preserve strong eye health, by providing the essential tissues of the eye (the retina, the lens, and the cornea, etc.) with sufficient and adapted nutrients. It contains DHA (this omega−3 fatty acid is very abundant in the retina whose function relies on dietary intake) Lutein and zeaxanthin ( known to improve or even prevent age-related macular degenerations or cataract), Taurin (helpful in preventing age-related changes in the retina)…

How to use it? take 1 light brown pill in the morning and 1 dark brown capsule in the evening, with a big glass of water. One box contains a 4 weeks program.



This organic food supplement is focused on vitality and energy and is particularly helpful when coming back to work from holidays for example, or in winter when you feel you lack energy. It contains Vitamin C, Ginseng, Guarana, Spirulina… All the ingredients are organic.


How to use it? Take one capsule per day in the morning, one box contains a 30 days program. As it contains caffeine, it is not recommended for children, pregnant women, and people on anti-diabetic treatment.


How to get to Monge?


Monge Pharmacy is very easy to find. Their Notre Dame’s main store is located next to Monge Square. You can take line 7 and get off at Place Monge, or take line 10 at Cardinal Lemoine, and walk for over five minutes. When we go to the Monge drugstore, it's easy to shopping a lot that we'll have some big bags and small bags. So we can walk to the opposite side of the drugstore, the Bistrot du marché which next to Monge Square, and take the taxi back to the hotel. And if you plan to dine nearby, you might consider the authentic French restaurant le Refuge du Passé, which is less than ten minutes' walk away. They are retro French restaurants hidden in Paris, which store the memories and charm of old Paris. 

 Author - O'bon Paris team

Photographs - Alae Lee, Phan Thanh Thủy


Parapharmacie Monge Notre Dame

Address : 78 rue Monge, 75005 Paris

Opening Hours: Every day 8:00-21:00


Parapharmacie Monge Cannes Riviera

Address: 36 rue d’Antibes 06400 Cannes

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 8:30-20:00